Time to travel! Tips for your next pastry promenade.

Cakebox and Piebox

At PieBox we’re always thinking about traveling with baked goods!  Transporting your precious treats, whether across the street or across the state, can be tricky if you are not prepared. With picnics, BBQs, and all kinds of other summer outings quickly approaching, here are some tips that will help get those baked goods safely to your final destination.

Decisions, decisions: When deciding what to bake, think about the length of the trip and the temperature outside. Does your pie need to be cold? Will your buttercream melt? Are you going to a park or someone’s home where there is refrigeration? Choose what you bake based on the answers to these questions.

In the scorching summer months, stick to fully baked fruit pies that are usually served warm or at room temperature. They can generally survive hot days — even if that means they’ll be sitting on a picnic table for several hours.

Save meringue pies for the cooler, less humid weather. There is nothing worse than a deflated meringue, and humidity is a meringue pie’s worst enemy.

If transporting a cake or cupcakes during the hot summer months or on a long trip, try putting them in the freezer for a half hour before you leave, and only take them out right before you set off. This will help keep your icing from melting.

Yep, you can carry-on and fly with your baked goods — I often do! Just be sure they are in a carrier. According to the TSA website, a passenger can carry pies and cakes through the security checkpoint, but they are subject to additional screening.

Travel safe with you pie and cake!