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Thanks for checking out our new blog and website. Here you will find lots of cool stuff that we love and think you should know about. But first, here is a little bit about us, the people behind PieBox. We are a creative team of three – two in Chicago and one in the great state of Tennessee.

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Together we create wooden boxes for carrying pastries – right now pie, cake and cupcakes specifically, but more to come…promise. Our products are designed to be simple and functional and we hope to make them part of your everyday life.  We are very lucky to have amazing and talented friends and are fortunate  to work with many of them regularly. We believe in and support American business, so rest assured that every product we sell is made  in the U.S.A.

And don’t be shy, we like hearing from you. Have a question, thought or special request? Email us, call us or you can even mail us a letter. Happy baking from the team at PieBox.



  • Kat Fessel

    So happy for all of you! I keep hoping one of my darling sons might buy their baking mom a PIEBOX. If not, to heck with waiting… I’ll buy my own! Wishing you much success in the coming years. I love the products. PS… the pictures are great, too! (good job, Steve!) Love you guys.

  • Debbie

    Love the new website! Really showcases the product line and the whole look and feel of what Piebox is all about. Great job. Love seeing pics of the people behind Piebox : )

  • Kelli

    Thank you to the entire PieBox team! It was so nice to receive the package and see the American Flag on it. I take pride in knowing that I am doing my part to keep Americans working. Additionally, in my quest to reduce my carbon footprint, I look for sustainable alternatives to plastic (unless Visa or AmEx) so this product really hit home! Thank you for everything you do, it is greatly appreciated! The website and the pictures are terrific.

  • anne

    I am so excited to purchase my first pie box! I would also purchase my first cakebox, but you are sold out! A suggestion- the brownie box!- a salad box? The possibilities are endless!!! I’ll be back to purchase my cakebox in January, but until then, good luck!!!

  • Wow, I love this concept! As a professional forester and as the state forestry specialist at the University of Illinois, I would love to learn more about (1) how you source your wood, and (2) who handles the manufacturing of these “boxes?”

  • Dianna Turner

    I just received my cake box for my birthday, love it cant wait to use it, Seen them at a store in Indianapolis call homespun fell in love with it so my daughter went back and purchased it for my birthday.I was so excited.