Easy Decorating Ideas for Spring Cupcakes

Use these super-quick and simple decorating ideas to transform your cupcakes into spring cupcakes. Fresh fruit, flowers, herbs, and even leftover Easter candy will give your treats a seasonal look.


From the batter to the frosting, there are so many ways to flavor cupcakes. Baking to the season is a good excuse to try a new recipe. For spring cupcakes strawberry cupcakes or lemon cupcakes are a couple of great options.


When it comes time to add the beloved buttercream, I always recommend piping it on the cupcakes. Like mastering most things, using a pastry bag takes practice. But cupcakes are a great place to start. (Remember, if you mess up the piped design, it’s easy to scrape it off, refill the bag and start over.) I like to use a large star-shaped tip to frost cupcakes because it creates a clean floral look. Once your cupcakes are frosted, here are some spring-time toppers you can try.


1. Flowers

Adding a beautiful bloom to the top of your cupcake takes minimal effort and has an amazing visual wow-factor. I used edible flowers, but you can snip a few buds from your garden: just be sure to let those who are eating the cupcakes know that the flowers are for decoration purposes only.


2. Sprinkles

Perhaps sprinkles are an obvious choice for cupcake toppers, but they are always an excellent (and easy) option. They come in so many shapes, sizes and colors, I like to keep a variety on hand for all occasions. Plus it’s fun to mix and match different sprinkles. For a spring-time look, I used a variety of bright colors and different shapes.


spring cupcakes

3. Herbs and Fresh Fruit

I’m a big fan of using herbs and fresh fruit in pastries, and adding a herbal note doesn’t always have to be n the batter or the frosting. Using a few herb sprigs as a topper can bring a whole new dimension to your spring cupcakes. I particuarly love using sweet basil and thyme. Fresh fruit like strawberries, or even blueberries or blackberries, are another great option. No matter what you chose, these unexpected spring cupcake toppers will delight your family and guests.

cupcakes with herbs

4. Leftover Easter Candy

Easter candy seems to linger for months at my house. Adding it to cupcakes in lieu of sprinkles is a fun and colorful option. If you still have remaining pastel candy stashed away, add it whole or crush it up and sprinkle on top!cupcakes with candy

This article was first published on the MarthaStewart.com Network on April 29, 2016.


By: Adrienne Blumthal

Photos: Steven Karl Metzer