Does My Pie Plate Fit?

At PieBox, we want to help you transport your pie or cake to your event in one beautiful piece. Our handcrafted wooden pastry carriers are the answer to this predicament. Regardless of how you plan to get to your gathering – bike, train, bus, car, or simply by walking – PieBox has you covered.


Before you buy, you may be worried about whether your favorite pie plate will fit in our carriers. The PieBox Team understands your concerns. We want you to know we designed PieBox with your plate in mind. In this article, we’ll explain the types of plates that work best with PieBox and how you can ensure that yours will fit perfectly.


Pie plates in PieBox

Standard Pie Plates

A standard pie plate is 9 inches in diameter, though there are larger options available. When you’re shopping for a new plate, you may be unsure of whether to pick ceramic, glass, or heavy aluminum. Not sure which to choose? Check out The Dish Debate.

How Big Is a PieBox?

PieBox is wide enough to snugly and securely fit a variety of different pie plates. You can even switch between your many plates – a ceramic dish will fit just as well as a glass or even a heavy aluminum plate. Any plate, up to 10.75 inches in diameter, will fit beautifully.


Pile on the toppings and curl your meringue as high! PieBox’s dimensions allow for pies up to 3.5 inches.


Not sure how to determine the size of your plate? Grab a tape measure or ruler and measure the diameter – the distance from one side to the direct opposite – of your plate.



PieBox Is the Perfect Fit for Your Plate

With so many choices of pie plates available, you might wonder whether or not your dish will fit. You may have just one pie plate, or a favorite among several. The beauty of PieBox is that it’s more than adequate for the “average” pie plate, but it can also accommodate a wider plate, too. No matter what size you prefer, PieBox was created to fit your needs.


PieBox wants to be there for your next event. Whether you’re gathering with family, attending a party in a friend’s home, or submitting your pastry to a local contest, we want to help transport your work. As a baker, you mix more than ingredients into your creations – your kitchen produces your passion.


Let PieBox protect your passion. It’s the perfect fit. Click here to get yours!