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Hidden Heart Cake: A Sweet Surprise for Your Valentine

Thinking of baking a cake for your Valentine this year? Try making a hidden heart cake! Every slice is baked with a little love, right in the middle. For this project you will need a small heart-shaped cookie cutter, food coloring, and a recipe for two pound cakes, which will be baked separately in the […]

Mini Melon Cakes: Quick, Healthy, No-Bake, and Cake-Free

Looking for a quick and healthy dessert? Try making these mini melon cakes! They are the perfect party treat for a hot summer day, but really can be served all year round. These fresh fruit cakes use cantaloupe, watermelon, whipped cream, and a blackberry, and mint leaf as garnish.   Before you start cutting your […]

Super-Simple Chocolate Pie Crust

It’s as easy as adding sugar and cocoa to your pastry dough, but the result has a major wow factor for both looks and taste. Using chocolate pie dough adds a colorful, delicious, and unexpected element to your favorite pie. Below is a super-simple recipe for a buttery, flaky chocolate pie dough. Best of all, […]

Bake a Blackberry Balsamic Pie this Weekend

A few years ago we shared a recipe for blackberry balsamic pie with sea salt and walnut crumble on Design Sponge. Due to popular request, we decided to post it again! We are in the thick of blackberry season right now and this pie is definitely worth making. It’s simple, yet sophisticated. The balsamic and […]

The Finishing Touches: Pie Crust Wash

The process of making a pie from scratch is certainly a rewarding one. And as with anything you bake, the preparation and process is so important to the outcome. You’ve spent time and effort putting the pastry together, so don’t sell yourself short by skipping the final step — the wash!   Pies with a […]

The Easiest Pie Dough You’ll Ever Make

Looking for a quick and easy pie dough recipe? We’ve got you covered. This is our tried-and-true recipe for perfect pie dough. It’s not the fanciest, but it’s flaky, buttery and works every time. We even captured Adrienne making it on video to prove it!   Ingredients –  1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour –  4 […]

How to Make Herb-Infused Whipped Cream

  Fresh berries topped with whipped cream is one of our favorite summertime treats. It’s a quick and easy dessert that’s relatively healthy and always a crowd pleaser. And while whipped cream with just a touch of vanilla and sugar never disappoints, it’s remarkably easy to turn this everyday delight into a special treat.   […]

How to Make Rhubarb Candy Garnish

Rhubarb season is in full swing, and the deliciously bitter stalk is a must-have in many of my baked goods. But with its bold colors and slender structure, it’s also a great contender for a garnish. Save a stalk the next time you make rhubarb pie, and you can easily turn it into an unexpected […]

Does My Pie Plate Fit?

At PieBox, we want to help you transport your pie or cake to your event in one beautiful piece. Our handcrafted wooden pastry carriers are the answer to this predicament. Regardless of how you plan to get to your gathering – bike, train, bus, car, or simply by walking – PieBox has you covered.   […]

5 Ways to Make Your Cupcakes Stand Out

  Cupcakes are fairly straightforward to make, taking a full size cake and making it easy to eat in individual portions. Because of this ease of preparation and ease of eating, they are often a staple of picnics, parties, and more. All of those cupcakes can run together in people’s memories, so you want to […]