12 Tools for Every Baker’s Kitchen

With so many gadgets and tools available to help you with your baking needs, you may be overwhelmed or confused by which are most important. While everyone is  different and your task is different, there are a few basics that will not only make baking easier but make it more fun too.

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1. Rolling Pin

Rolling pins are awesome. No matter what features or style yours has, you will find it to be one of the most useful items in your kitchen.  It helps keep anything you roll out—pie crusts, biscuits—a uniform thickness.

Some people find rolling pin covers to be helpful. These will keep your rolling pin cleaner so it doesn’t need washed as often.

An additional tip is to store your rolling pin and rolling cloth in the refrigerator together. There is something about having these cold that helps the dough to roll better and not stick as much. You will still need flour but not as much.

2. Pastry Brush

You will find this to be a very versatile tool. You can use it to spread butter on the top of your freshly baked rolls, bread, or the like.  Its uses go beyond that though, as a spreader of glaze or egg wash.

3. Whisk

Whisks are fantastic. Use them to whip eggs as well as to mix any sort of liquid ingredients together before adding them to dry ingredients.

4. Rimmed Baking Sheets

While sometimes called jelly roll sheets, these are so helpful for many projects besides jelly rolls. The edges allow you to bake cinnamon rolls, bar cookies, and other spreading baking projects, as well as regular cookies and other regular cookie-sheet type projects.

5. Parchment Paper

We love parchment paper as a baking hack. With it, you can line baking sheets, cake pans, and more. It helps to keep your baking from sticking to the surface of your pan and helps you to remove cookies and cakes easier. Plus,  it makes your cleanup that much quicker as the parchment paper is the only thing that touches your baked goods.

6. Microplane

This tool helps you to quickly add deliciousness to your baking. It is excellent for grating lemon rind, chocolate, and coconut. Adding these yummy and decorative touches is easy with this in your drawer.

7. Flexible Measuring Tape

For cake decorating, this will be your best friend. It lets you place your decorations in precise mathematical locations and keep everything aesthetically pleasing.

8. Rubber Spatula

This is most helpful for getting all of your cake batter, brownie batter, frosting, or anything out of your bowl. Using your trusty rubber spatula, you can get each and every bit into the pan or wherever.

9. Offset Spatula

Perfect for smoothing batter into corners or icing a cake, you will find this tool to be one of the best for cake baking and decorating.

10. Bench Scraper

The bench scraper is great for cleaning your surfaces as well as dividing your dough into sections to be worked with. Some bakers find it to be helpful to smooth the sides of a frosted cake as well.

11. Serrated Knife

Great for slicing cakes or breads, as well as cutting dough and crust into sections, this is a versatile tool that is handy in so many situations.

12. Pastry Bag With A few Different Tips

For cake decorating, you must have this tool. Depending on the tip you use, you can pipe frosting to outline, write, and decorate your cakes with exact precision.

With these tools at the ready, you will be able to take on any baking task. Don’t feel overwhelmed trying to figure out what you need. The most important part is that you enjoy yourself and the tasty results of your work.

Photos: Steven Karl Metzer